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QuickBooks – Cloud Hosting

Opting for QuickBooks on the Cloud, allows you to harness the benefits of both the feature-rich accounting software, as well as the advantages of the cloud hosting, that too in a cost-effective manner.  Not convinced? Get in touch with us for a free trial.  If it works for you, we’ll only be glad to host your chosen QuickBooks edition on the cloud, should you choose to sign up for our QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services.

QuickBooks Hosting – What’s in Store?

Our QuickBooks Hosting services are focused on enhancing your QuickBooks experience, making it more powerful, secure, scalable on demand and tailored to fit your business or industry specific requirements.

Our reliable and competitively priced QuickBooks hosting plans successfully address hosting needs of accountants, businesses, freelancers, and self-employed professionals.

Sign up with us for QuickBooks Hosting and leverage the full potential of your accounting software at the earliest.

Why Choose Us As Your Quickbooks Hosting Service Provider?

Our growing base of satisfied customers stands testimony to the quality and dependability of our Quickbooks Hosting services, as well as prompt and relevant support, at reasonable prices.  Our hosting services include the following features:

Economical Hosting Plans

Our hosting plans are pocket-friendly and flexible, charging customers only for the resources they actually use.

No Restrictions on Resource Usage –

Unlimited access to hardware/software/hard-disk space on the hosting environment support seamless scalability and customizations

No curbs on Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth directly translates to impressive performance and speeds, even when there is high traffic.

Prompt Support Services

Our support team comprising highly skilled and experienced staff are available on phone, email and chat 24X7 to address customer concerns.

Round-the-clock technical help

Customers can avail free technical assistance on request.

Secure Data Transfer

Up to 20 GB of secure QuickBooks data and file transfers are permitted each day. Users can lock their data using passwords.

QuickBooks Migration Support

Our cloud hosting services also span accurate and complete QuickBooks data migration from personal computers or other remote hosts to either the same or upgraded versions.

Robust Infrastructure

Proactive maintenance, software/hardware upgrades and troubleshooting efforts ensure speedy and efficient installations and performance.

Automated Daily Backup

Scheduled backup every 24 hours ensure ready availability of historical data if and when required.

90-Day Data Backup

All our hosting plans also support up to 90-days of backup data, should you wish to revisit details.

QuickBooks on the Cloud – Key Benefits

QuickBooks, when hosted on the Cloud, becomes far more advantageous in many ways.

Remote Access — With authorized users able to access the software at their convenience, right from wherever they are and from any device, data updates and sharing become effortless.

Enhanced Response and Performance— Data centres on the Cloud with powerful hardware, and high bandwidth capabilities speeds up software performance and response times, getting work done way faster than when hosted on site.

Scalable IT Infrastructure— There’s no dearth of resources on the Cloud. It is therefore quite simple to request and avail additional resources whenever required and release them during the lean period.

Secure Use of Software— Data Encryption, multi-level authorizations, passwords, and security protocols and standards, are but a few security mechanisms adopted to protect customer data on the Cloud.

Serviced Hi-End Hosting Environment— Hosting environments are maintained and upgraded meticulously and have the latest version of compatible software on the servers, most importantly security and anti-virus solutions. Regular application of patches, fixes and upgrades keep the system robust, resilient and well-protected against breaches.

Availability Customer/Technical Support— Support is an integral feature of cloud hosting services. Dedicated team of experienced staff are available to help customers with custom installations, technical problems or usability issues they may face.

Optimized Operating Costs— QuickBooks cloud hosting does help save a lot of time, effort, and money otherwise spent on installing and maintaining the software system on-premise. Tackling resource demand during peak and lean times also gets cost-effective, making it possible for businesses to seek better prospects, which otherwise may have been out of reach.

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting – We Support All Editions

No matter which QuickBooks Desktop Edition you choose to use, you can have it hosted on the Cloud in no time. Be it the Enterprise, Premier or Pro we are fully equipped to handle installation, customizations, third party integration as well as data migration, offering you the best of hosting services and support at the most reasonable prices. We also offer free upgrades to higher versions of QuickBooks. Contact us for more information on hosting plans and options that are available

QuickBooks on the Cloud – Industry Specific Solutions

QuickBooks Custom Solutions designed to support industry specific accounting and reporting practices are quite popular with businesses and professionals. There are different editions available for:

  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Non Profits

We also host industry-specific editions of QuickBooks, along with other QuickBooks optional features such as Payment and Payroll processing, Advanced Inventory management etc., if required, to create a fully automated system to efficiently handle your daily operations.

Third Party Software – Support and Integration

QuickBooks software is quite flexible. It supports integration with several third party applications that generate data which have a direct impact on business finances. Our QuickBooks hosting services also include support for third party software to ensure that financial implications of your business operations are correctly reflected in Quickbooks accounting system.

Third party add-ons for QuickBooks in our hosting environment include but definitely are not limited to:

  • Method CRM
  • TSheets
  • Acctivate
  • Knownify
  • Tax Planner
  • Method Donar
  • Transaction Pro-Importer

Hosting Environment – Essential Software

As your reliable hosting service provider, we also make sure that your hosting environment also has all the essential pieces of software that find common use.  As part of the hosting plan you are also free to access other software on our servers such as:

  • Adobe Reader
  • Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • File Explorer
  • File Viewers for Excel and Word documents

QuickBooks Hosting – FAQ’s

We’ve tried to answer few common queries on QuickBooks Cloud hosting to help you better understand what it’s all about. For more specific information, do call us or drop us a line.

Quickbooks Cloud hosting is nothing but installation of your accounting software on a cloud-based server. Quickbooks software, data and all related files will now reside on a remote server, which you and other permitted users can access at all times, from any location, using any internet-enabled device.

Quickbooks Cloud hosting is nothing but installation of your accounting software on a cloud-based server.  Quickbooks software, data and all related files will now reside on a remote server, which you and other permitted users can access at all times, from any location, using any internet-enabled device.

With your Quickbooks Desktop edition already installed on our cloud environment, you don’t require any additional hardware/software on your device to access the software, except for reliable internet connectivity.  Note that Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) must be enabled to use the software, only if your system runs on Windows OS. Our cloud hosting platform fully meets system requirements needed to support all editions, versions and custom installations of QuickBooks.

Yes.  Hosted on the cloud and accessible through the internet, the same set of files is available to all authorized users at all times. Data is updated (almost instantly) as and when users save/complete transactions.

Hosted Quickbooks is likely to offer relatively better speeds and consistent performance mainly because of the advanced IT infrastructure, updated software and systematic maintenance, typical of hosting environments.  QuickBooks hosting being a paid service is bound offer an enhanced experience than On-premise installations, which, if backed by powerful servers, exceptional maintenance can respond quite fast as well, especially if without optional features requiring internet connectivity.

We take great care when migrating Quickbooks to our hosting environment, completing the process thoroughly without any data loss.  Opting for cloud hosting makes it possible for you to use all features of QuickBooks in a more efficient and secure manner.

The quality of internet connectivity or speed is unlikely to affect QuickBooks data. Data from successful transactions do get saved in the remote server. If the internet connectivity is disrupted or lost during the course of a transaction, you will still have the details intact on your screen (transaction window) as long as you don’t close it. Wait for the connection to revive and save the data.

No. As for multi-user access to QuickBooks files, it is supported in both cases. Getting QuickBooks hosted on the cloud in multi-user mode is far better as you can enjoy the benefits of cloud hosting as well as tap the full functionality of the accounting software as well.

While it is possible to enable multi-user mode in on-premise installations, it does take an expert hand to configure the setup in local area networks active on site.

It is important to assess your requirements before you decide between these two offerings. Both of them are different solutions with slightly different features. While they both reside on the cloud and are accessible via the internet, Quickbooks Online is lighter solution more suitable for basic accounting, especially for service sectors. Quickbooks Desktop, however, is a comprehensive variant, ideal for businesses dealing in physical goods and operations spanning one or several locations.

A multitude of safety mechanisms and processes are in place at QuickHooks Hosting’s SAS-certified Data centers, offering the best of access and data security.  Firewalls at vantage points, anti-malware, spyware applications, along with stringent monitoring and systematic updates of security settings ensure that the hosting environment is well-protected against external threats.  Data encryption and password authenticated access offer additional levels of safety. We also follow a dual backup process, maintaining 2 copies of data backup at two different locations, to ensure smooth, reliable and speedy data recovery if at all required.

Yes, they are different from each other.

The QuickBooks Online edition is a web-based accounting application from Intuit. It is available online for users who have subscribed for the edition.

Intuit’s Hosting Program, is for hosting service providers. Those who are part of this program are legally authorized by Intuit to host Quickbooks for windows for users with valid licenses. They are permitted to install, maintain and regulate user access to the entire range of Quickbooks Desktop offerings – Enterprise, Premier and Pro editions.

No. Your data security – access, backup, and safety is the responsibility of your hosting service provider, even though the firm may be legally authorized by Intuit to host its offerings. Being a part of the Intuit Hosting Program or holding a legal permission does not guarantee the quality of services or infrastructure of the authorized standard or commercial host. It is important for you to verify the service provider’s service level agreements and infrastructure capabilities before signing up for Quickbooks hosting.

A Windows Terminal Server (WTS) on which QuickBooks is installed is known as Quickbooks Terminal Server.  Desktop Editions of QuickBooks can be hosted on WTS based on specific requirements.

They are Intuit-authorized hosting service providers offering standard or commercial hosting services to licensed end users. A written authorization permitting service providers to host specific editions of Quickbooks has been issued by Intuit.

No. Our hosting services are not endorsed by Intuit. You can find a list of Intuit-authorized hosting service providers here: www.intuithostingprogram.com .Our hosting services, however comply with standard PCI-DSS, SSAE-16 and SOC requirements.